Wire EDM Services

ProTools Machine shop offers first-rate wire EDM services, also known as wire electrical discharge machining. We produce custom precision parts that can match the dimensional tolerances of your custom shapes.

What is EDM Machining?

Electrical discharge machining also known as spark machining, wire burning or wire erosion, is the process of utilizing an electrical discharge technique for cutting and shaping nearly any type of material that is electrically conductive.

This type of manufacturing process consists of a thin, EDM wire also known as a workpiece. The workpiece is held between two mechanical guides in order to form another electrode.

wire EDMDuring the process, the workpiece forms a tool-electrode. The two electrodes do not come into contact with each other. This manufacturing process causes an electrical release between both electrodes which produces sparks.

These sparks enable us to remove any excess material, which allows us to create unique custom shapes. Once the desired shape is created, both the workpiece and the tool are immersed in deionized water, which flushes away any excess debris.


Advantages of Electrical Discharge Machining

Many industries have used EDM to create the exact custom shapes they need. This process allows you to cut materials and objects into specific shapes.

Create custom shapes: As companies, not everything we work with comes in circular or rectangular shapes. When we are working with unusual or detailed shapes, EDM can help us achieve the exact shape that we require.

Precision: We can make cuts within +/-0.005 that will match your custom designs.

No Contact: There is no contact between the parts, this makes it well suited for delicate or fragile parts that cannot take the stress of traditional machining.

Fine hole drilling: EDM drilling allows us to produce small holes that cannot be achieved with other methods.

Shorter Output Time: spark machining removes the need for tooling, which in turn makes the output of your product quicker and easier.

Choose Us For Your Wire EDM Services

ProTool Company machine shop has been specializing in EDM services since 1997. We are located in Advance, North Carolina and can assist your business with the following services.
• Barclay blade
• Barkley case
• Barclay knives
• CM blade
• Wire EDM machining
• Laser engraving
• Tire shredding components
• Tire shredding blades
• Barclay tire shredder blade
• Barclay Roto shredder blade

We specialize is small batch manufacturing and one off production jobs. We have also completed several reverse engineering jobs. Our specialists can work with you to ensure that you get exactly what you need.

Contact us to find out more about our EDM wiring services and any other services we offer.